When the Coton de Tulear was first introduced in Canada, the only Canadian registry available at that time was and still is the Canine Federation of Canada (CFC).

The Canine Federation of Canada  is a pure breed registery governed by the Animal Pedigree act and under the umbrella of Agriculture Canada just as the Canadian Kennel Club is. At the present time they are the only registry in Canada able to issue purebred registration papers for the Coton de Tulear. They are a small organization which recognizes several “Rare Breeds”. The registration requirements are similar between the CKC and the CFC, and complete historical records and stud books are maintained by both as well. The CFC adopted the very first official description or “standard” governing the appearance of the Coton de Tulear in Canada. The CFC used the standard written by the FCI. For more information on this registery you can check out the web page at http://www.caninecanada.ca

Dogs registered with the CFC will receive an official pedigree. The pedigree for each dog registered with the CFC is also retained on record in the Canine Federation of Canada Stud Book, Canadian Livestock Records Corporation.

It is also possible to register a Coton de Tulear in the Toy category of the Canadian Kennel Club. A Coton registered with this organization will receive Certification. This document, which is only a registration number (no pedigree), must not be represented as a Certificate of Registration or Certificate of Identification as defined in the Animal Pedigree Act. With this certification, it is possible to compete with your Coton in conformation, flyball, obedience shows, and obtain a championship for the dog.